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Sum it up!

General overview

This App for Jira® is designed to sum up values from one issue to another one. Typical example is suming up Story points from all Sub-tasks to their parent issue (Story, Task,...). In general, you can sum any numerical values from child issues to their parent issue, but you can also sum these values based on links between the issues, or even several numbers inside one single issue. Also, as requested by many customers, you can finally create tables and sum up any statistics you wish. Main functions available are:

  • Chose any custom field and sum it in any destination field - easy as that!
  • Sum up multiple fields to a destination field in a single issue
  • Sum up values based on links between issues
  • You can sum up Time tracking values (time planned vs time spent)
  • This functionality can be switched on over all projects, or just selected ones via easy configuration
  • Create gadgets with tables on your dashboard to sum up any numbers you like (based on JQL, or saved filter)

Download here

Version history

1.3.8-AC (cloud ONLY)
  • Enabled sum up using multiple fields
  • Added new gadget with a 2-d table displaying sumed values in a table
1.3.6-AC (cloud ONLY)
  • Enabled change of order in the table by drag&droping row from one place to another directly on dashboard
1.3.3-AC (cloud ONLY)
  • New dashboard item (Gadget) with table allowing you to sum up numbers based on JQL
1.3.2-AC (cloud ONLY)
  • Added button to add required fields to Edit screen
  • Simplified configuration screen to ease use of the App
1.2.6-AC (cloud ONLY)
  • Added sum function based on custom links
  • Added automatic recalculation after deleting issues
1.2.3-AC (cloud ONLY)
  • Added functionality to perform Sum up function to the already existing issues
1.2.2-AC (cloud ONLY)
  • Added refresh of sum in parent issue, after child issue is deleted
Version 2.0.0 (server) & 1.1.7-AC (cloud)
  • Fixed issue with sporadic 502 error on the configuration screen
  • Added a brand new dashboard item to see team workload per assignee
  • Added support of Time Tracking - "Logged Time" (Time Spent), "Original Estimate" and "Estimated" fields - sum of the values from the child issues is now aggregated to the parent issue
  • Added possibility to sum up numbers within the same issue
Version 1.1.0 (server) & 1.1.1-AC (cloud)
  • Improved performance
Version 1.0.0 (server)
  • first public version of server version app